Christmas Magic

Dear Whoever I Had to Steal the Nativity Figures From:
      Please forgive me for taking your light-up nativity scene from your yard. I had planned this Christmas display last year and I ordered my own light-up Holy Family several weeks ago. However, after sourcing a suitable Volkswagen Bus, transporting it to my yard, and getting all the lights I needed FedEx lost the package containing my nativity scene. With frustration mounting and nowhere else to turn I borrowed your yard decorations. They will be returned to you after the holiday. Thank you for your contribution to this holiday tradition. You have provided joy for many (mostly just me).

The guy who puts decorated VW's on his lawn for Christmas.

Really, I think this is the most magic I've been able to muster for any Christmas to-date. Is that rotting 1977 Volkswagen Transporter on your lawn?  Yes. Is that the Holy Family you kidnapped? Yes. Are those old milk jugs or luminaries? Yes.

Should you feel your Christmas just wouldn't be complete without seeing this vision in person, just follow the star.



That Just Happened People!

Should you find yourself reading this you are probably one of those who I have subjected to my long and horrible rant about how much I hate computers. The other week, my arch nemesis (a.k.a. my HP Pavilion DV 9000, a.k.a. the bane of my existence, a.k.a. satan incarnate) decided to zonk out. The lights on the board would come on and the fan would turn on and then it would turn off and start all over again. So what did your intrepid hero do? (After pitching a fit and swearing off computers forever) I went to another computer, researched the symptoms, found out that it was a motherboard gone south, found a new motherboard from the internet, and (against my better judgment) dismantled my laptop and replaced the motherboard.  AND IT WORKED! That's right, I (mister manual typewriter) fixed a computer....and I still hate it.