Fall !

Where has the time gone!? Summer in the construction industry is usually pretty packed. Paving can only take place under certain weather conditions (which are only present for a few months in the high desert of Nevada). As such, one needs to make hay while the sun shines (as it were). So the summer has been busy,..........................anyway. The bug was ready (mostly) and got put in the 4th of July Parade to advertise the laundromat. I mean really, what is more patriotic than some shameless self promotion and capitalism. My nieces came with and threw candy from the back seat. My brother-in-law rode along to chaperon the nieces.
As I've taken over the historic vehicle department at the museum last year I also needed to get our 1931 Mail Truck in the parade and as such I needed a driver. My brother Tyler was willing and after a quick lesson in double clutching driving around the old football field he was ready and did fine. The truck was a big hit.
This truck was one of two mail trucks ordered by the post office in California and in 1931 they were shipped by boat around the Cape and unloaded in San Francisco and then driven to Lake Elsinor, California where it was run in mail service until its retirement. The Model A club in Las Vegas donated this nicely restored truck to the Railroad Museum a couple of years ago.

The other thing that happened in July was that I sold my rental house (you'll recall the pink, one bedroom, stop sign adjacent home I purchased a few years ago). The guy who was renting it decided he wanted to buy it and since he'd kind of let the yard go and I was tired worrying about things that landlords worry about so we did the deal. As an added plus that means the money I had tied up in the rental house can go to finishing my house on the Terrace. The current plan is to be done before Thanksgiving as I'm hosting the fam for the big dinner. Wish me luck!