Private Plane

This past spring I was in Northern Idaho for a week. On a corner near to where I was staying was sign for a BNSF (Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railway) field office. After a few days of seeing this sign I thought I should look into what kind of jobs they were hiring for when I got back home. Long story short, one thing led to another and this past week BNSF flew me to Dallas, TX for an interview. I currently enjoy what I'm doing for a living (most of it anyway) and anyone who knows me knows that I am all about living in White Pine County, but one should never turn down a good opportunity.

They flew me right out from Ely which was nice. Ely has one flight a day provided to us by the government EAS service. The flight rarely has any passengers on it. This means that I was the only person on the plane.

Some perks of having a plane and crew at your sole disposal: the gate attendant comes up to where you are seated to get you a bottle of water and pick up your bags to lead you to the gate for boarding; the pilot meets you at the plane steps, shakes your hand and welcomes you onto the plane; once you're on the plane the pilot puts your bags away and helps you fold the seat in front of you down so you can put your feet up on it; your flight leaves early because you requested them to.

I could certainly get used to having my own plane (even if it is on the government's dime- no wonder the country is broke).

The interview went well... I guess. I was impressed by the company and interested in the position that they were hiring for, but I won't find out for a couple of weeks whether or not they want to hire me. I felt pretty good about at least getting the interview given the number of people that had applied for the position. This interview was the last round and there were about 16 people they flew down to interview for 5 positions. Dallas was hot and muggy. I was able to meet up with some friends from Provo that I hadn't seen in almost two years and we had a nice dinner at the Texas Roadhouse- go figure.

I came back to Ely to find the weather cooler. Sometime around the first of August winter usually stops by for a quick visit to remind us that it's only a matter of weeks away. Late summer is a great time in Northern Nevada. Thunder storms usually roll through in the afternoon and evenings. If you go out to the rail yard or out to the airport you get a great view of the storms as they move across the valley to the North.

Make sure you enjoy the rest of the summer!



When my family undertakes to plan and prepare a holiday meal they have no restraint. My family won't pick a few dishes and that will go well together and then call it good. First, they think of every possible dish (side or main) that has ever been associated with said holiday. Second, they make a list of everything they want to eat for said holiday. Third, they review the two lists and refuse to remove any item from either list. Fourth, they ask any extended family or guests what they would like to eat for said holiday and they add those items to one of the two original lists. Fifth, they make EVERYTHING and it takes days. The meal is usually over in a matter of 20 minutes or so and everyone is sick. Then they bring out dessert.

There you go. That was my 4th of July--well, that and copious amounts of time with family and a monsoon with hail and flooding in the middle of the parade.