Spontaneous Overeating

I was going to be in Reno anyway for some work stuff and then my schedule changed suddenly so that I would be in Reno with nothing to do for the better part of a day. I was due for a sudden road trip plus I had yet to visit my friends who married and moved to the Bay Area last year so I gave them a heads up and headed out. Due to the fires near Yosemite, Reno to almost Sacramento was think smoke but it was clear after that. The Oakland Bay Bridge was closed for construction over the weekend so I had to take the long way around the top of the bay and come into the city over the Golden Gate Bridge but that wasn't bad. I love the 101 highway North of San Francisco. I got into SF that night and meant my friend at the restaurant where her husband is a chef. I ate and ate and ate and it was all FANTASTIC!!! This is the restaurant, and sure there may have been more gays than I'm normally use to but the food was totally worth it! They even sent some off-menu stuff out from the kitchen for us to try. I crashed on their floor that night and then we got up and ate some MORE! About noon I rolled myself back into the car and headed back to Reno. There are things I do miss about living in the Bay Area: the food is a big one and the weather. I just cannot get enough of that sunshine with the cool breeze off of the Pacific. Not to mention the magic what happens to internal combustion engines at sea level. (now if I could just get rid of the traffic and the people I'd be set)