Let's Talk Turkey

Every year, in my post Thanksgiving, indigestion riddled, bleary-eyed traveling daze I swear off Thanksgiving. Nevertheless, as soon as early November arrives my mouth starts watering for pie, stuffing, potatoes, and turkey. This year I trekked up to Northern Idaho to spend the holiday with friends (I mean, after all who knows potatoes better than Idahoans?). Plus, there had been talk of Huckleberry pie and that could not be passed up.

 Calling in a favor, I borrowed a friends Passat TDI for the trip. As you can tell from the pictures I took the scenic (and overly slow) route.

It was a nice car and the 42mpg didn't hurt, but sweet and crunchy crackers the keyless system was FANTASTIC! I usually am not an avid new car proponent, but if it means I get one of those keyless systems I may have to convert.

 Idaho was great apart from the lack of sunlight and the pervading dampness. It was in the mid 30's to low 40's during the day and I was freezing. The food (and potatoes) did not disappoint though. For the trip home I used leftovers to make thanksgiving hoagies. They turned out pretty good, but after 900 miles and my fourth hoagy I was a little tired of them. Of course no trip to Idaho would be complete without a trip to my favorite bookstore. 

My goddaughter's birthday was the Saturday after Thanksgiving and after opening each package she would respond with "I always wanted a_____" even if she didn't quite know what it was. So, that was my holiday. All goals were met - ate too much, traveled too far, laughed too much, slept too much. I hope all of you had a good Thanksgiving too!


Say What?

So, dealing with some businesses and having my own LLC I end up having a fair amount of interaction with this guy's office:
Meet Ross Miller, Nevada's Secretary of State. What appears to simply be a mild mannered professional politician...  or so I thought.

Apparently Nevada's Secretary of State was also recently involved in this:

And he won.

Yeah, my secretary of state can armbar your secretary of state (incidentally, that is what was on the t-shirts they were handing out at the match).