Garage II

Since I happened to have the silver bug out I thought I'd take some pictures to show. It's kind of dirty, but you get the picture.



The Battle

For some time now there has been a family of foxes (and by family I mean some bastard pups, 2-3 looser males, and at least one female of bad reputation) living under the carpenter shop down at the railroad. Nothing quite undermines a building like a giant hole (i.e. fox den) under its foundation. So in my naivete I decided that the foxes must go and that I could easily get rid of them. The battle started some time ago. I began by just filling in their den while they were out. After a few times of me filling their den in I figured they would get tired of re-digging it, take their shoddy squirrel skin throw rugs, and go back out into the valley to live. No such luck.

Round 1 to you, Foxes.

Next I tried spreading bleach around the entrance to their den as someone at the BLM told me that the smell of the bleach would drive them away. Apparently I was dealing with the cleanest family of foxes ever. After laying down the bleach it seemed like they invited even more foxes over to live with them.

"You know the weirdest thing happened the other day, someone just cleaned my den for me while I was out."
"I've got to come and see that! I'll be over this afternoon with my less than reputable sister."
"Sure, bring the whole pack with you."

Round 2 to you, Foxes.

Nearing the end of my patience with these foxes I went back to the department of wildlife to try to get them to take the stupid things. I was informed that they didn't want anything to do with foxes as they aren't native and bother everyone's precious pheasants. You see, I'd been operating under the assumption that these dumb things were protected, but now the gloves are coming off. Yesiree, you filthy neck warmers. This episode of Jersey Foxes (Ely edition) is soon to be over! I'm going right for the jugular this time.
Round 3, TBA...


Running with the Jet Set

Travel Stats:
  • 14 hours travel by car
  • 8 cities
  • 6 flights
  • 2 weeks gone
  • 2 much food at Pat's BBQ
  • 1 batch huckleberry muffins
  • 1 carry-on
  • 1 rental car
  • 1 car purchase adventure
  • 1 graduation
  • 0 tornadoes
  • 0 checked bags
If you're exhausted and glad to be home then you know it was good vacation. This vacation was two visits rolled into one big, long trip. I started by flying into Spokane where the goddaughter's family picked me up and took back to Bonners Ferry to spend a week. The weather was cold and rainy, and company was great. I, of course, made a stop at my favorite book store. I then had to ship my books home as I had no room to take them on the plane with me. As of today they haven't arrived yet, but I haven't lost hope yet.
In addition to all that I got to try out a new Brazilian restaurant in Coure d'Alene as well as other good food. I was also around for my friend purchasing a 1980 3/4 ton Chevrolet truck. It'll be fine, I'm sure.

Next, it was onto Missouri to see my Uncle and his family. As we taxied up to the terminal in St. Louis I couldn't help but notice that half of the terminals windows had plywood instead of glass thanks to the last tornado. The rental car office took the time to let me know that if I got caught in a hail storm that I would be responsible for the damage. As cold as Nevada is at least I don't have to deal with tornadoes and softball sized hail stones. They had a few severe weather warnings out while I was there, but thankfully the only things trying to kill me were the legions of gnats and the oppressive humidity. We took a little hike to a cave located on base and were rewarded with the only scenic view in rural Missouri. 
Next time that I visit them they might just be living outside Shenandoah National Park instead of a US Army base in the backwater of Missouri. I can't wait for that! On the way back through St. Louis I visited the Transportation Museum, ate at a great pasta restaurant and stopped by the impressive Union Station. I returned to Ely to find snow still on the ground and clean, dry air that I can breath. Spring? Summer? Who needs them.

What's next? 
Spokane's Pig-out in the Park?
Hawaii for someone's graduation?
Amtrak cruise?
New York?

Who knows...