Another Sunny Nevada Day


This Nevada Day I'd like to post some information on the Nevada Constitution.

Our Preamble:

We the people of the State of Nevada Grateful to Almighty God for our freedom in order to secure its blessings, insure domestic tranquility, and form a more perfect Government, do establish this Constitution.

In order to have the constitution approved by congress prior to the presidential election the entire constitution was telegraphed to Washington D.C.

At the time it was the longest telegraph ever sent and cost $4,303.27. It took the telegraph operators 12 hours to send the document.

The first constitutional convention was actually held in 1863, with most of the delegates actually coming from California. Despite voters having been overwhelmingly in support of statehood, the voters soundly rejected the constitution submitted by this convention. The second convention was held during the month of July in 1864. After approval by election the constitution was sent to Washington D.C. and President Lincoln signed the State of Nevada into the Union on October 31, 1864.


Croissants and Pay Toilets (Part 3)

Sooner or later I was bound to get back around to this. So, after we left the most magical place on earth (the VW Factory in Wolfsburg, incase you needed a refresher) we headed to central Germany for our over night stop. As we approached the town we were staying at that night the woods got think and foggy and honestly I felt like a witch living in a candy house was going to be popping out at any minute.
We got to our hotel really late, but luckily our host was awake and came to the door (after we woke up everyone on the street). The town was a small medieval town with cobble stone streets and the whole bit. My friends had secured a nice little apartment for the night. After we woke up everyone else in the building having packed ourselves and our bags all the way up to the top floor of the creaky staircase we got a great nights rest. After repeating our morning bakery routine were off through the Germany countryside.

......Ok...... I'm bored of telling this story and I'm sure you're all bored of hearing it..... so..... here are some pictures of the rest of the trip.
Dachau Concentration Camp. Glad I went but very depressing. Ask me about it sometime.
Some gay guy's really fancy house. The surrounding area is AMAZING and he really does have the best views in the neighborhood; however, the only things this "castle" kept out was restraint and some good sense. Neat place to visit though. We ate the best German food of the trip out in the valley here with some cows.

Then we went to Venice! I was much happier after I kicked a couple pigeons in the egg door and had a panini. According to my bank account I ate A LOT of gelato in Italy. Can you blame me?
That's us center  frame eating pizza in a venetian square.
I can't remember at what point in the trip this was, but we were somewhat lost in the Italian Alps and I happened to wake up and look down this canyon and saw this obscure hermitage. It's actually pictured in my first VW book in a black and white frame with a bug down by it (of course). What are the odds?! (I know no one cares but me.)
Then we went to Rome. It was great. We went to the Vatican and saw all the Pope's stuff and then we wandered around Rome that evening eating things and throwing coins in fountains. The Italian night life is a lot of fun. Rome was hot and had too many Harley Davidsons, but it was one of my favorite cities. 

The Colosseum was VERY old and it was all very hot. You had to wear pants to the Vatican. Apparently shorts are not church attire. 
On our way out of Italy we stopped in Pisa and saw the leaning tower and bought some additional tchotckes (as if we didn't have enough by this point) and then went on to our little town in the Alps where we had a delicious meal and stayed at a vineyard. 
 Our waitress was a peach and didn't speak any english, but she was so helpful
After this it was onto Switzerland. 
 We road a tram to the top of the mountains.
And did a hike. It is beautiful-just like the sound of music, but it was very humid.  (and please no comments on how the sound of music was set in Austria, I know)
This was view from the last hotel we stayed at in northern Switzerland. Very nice. 
In summation, we drove A LOT, we saw MANY things, and ate MUCH all in 10 days. I was glad I went. Thanks for inviting me along guys!

That's me, on the boat going to the VW factory (just one more picture). This was really too cool.