More Travels

WARNING: Mildly boring travel log with pictures of cars.
I went to the exhibit "Speed: The Art of the Performance Automobile" at the UMFA a few weeks ago. I'd definitely recommend it if you're in the neighborhood. 

I took this picture (above).
(it said not to touch, nothing about taking pictures)
10 points to whoever can tell me the make of the car in the picture.

On Friday Ginger and I went up to Camp Success to help make breakfast for the kids at Youth Conference. It was a nice morning trip. By the time I got back to town a small crises was brewing at one of our projects over in Eureka so I ran over.

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking measurements and talking on the phone with our engineer in Fallon. Also, let me know introduce you to the company car, a Jeep Navigator (... or Patriot, or something. I forget). It's white and resembles a Whirlpool Refrigerator in looks and driving characteristics.This morning I headed off visit a some friends in Garrison (a little branch of our stake over the boarder in Utah) so they could introduce me to someone. She seemed extremely uninterested, but the visit with friends was nice and morning drive was a great one with the windows rolled down and the wind from a distant rainstorm blowing through the car.


Where Was I

I couldn't help but notice that it has been more than a month since I posted. That being said, I then had to look back through the pictures on my phone to remember what happened in the last month. Bare with me...

So my boss picked up and took a job in Alaska and I spent the first half of the last month helping him wrap things up, getting the office moved, etc... and now I've spent the last half of the past month cleaning up his house and moving the office up there to get set-up all while trying to keep all the projects I'm responsible for running. This includes driving around eastern Nevada to places with no gas stations (I haven't run out of gas yet, but I've come close). Driving 6 hour round trips for 30 minute meetings has become the norm.

This is a water tank project I've had to visit

This is Manhattan, Nevada

This is a working phone booth in Manhattan
These are some valves and pipe
This is the mid-summer sky in Nevada
All very fascinating. In the middle of the office moving and my boss leaving the Robertson's had a big reunion. This is the only picture I have of the whole thing:
The Volkswagen club I belong to had their annual show during that same week and some of the family came down to see that. The Anti-Chrysler has been repaired, inspected, cleaned, had its glamour shots taken and it is now up for sale. 

The Blazer went topless for a few days, but sadly I have no pictures.

Here's the Blazer coming home after it's length stay in Provo for a transmission rebuild.

I had my 10 year high school reunion at the beginning of the month. I wasn't going to go, but a friend made me go and I was glad I did. The people I thought little of in high school were still miserable people only fatter. Total validation! Also, it was fun to see and catch up with some of the people I hadn't seen in 10 years. 

(I'm sure there must be some on Facebook somewhere, but who uses that?)

I can't believe July is gone. Hopefully August will be a little slower and I can take some time to settle into my new office and house! Moving is my least favorite thing in the world and July has been full of it. Thanks to everyone who has helped me out.