The Beginning of a Season

the new president
The cameras of C-span would probably be hard pressed to find a more auspicious gathering than the crowd gathered for the inauguration of our nation's 44th president. Seated on the historic Mall on a this cold January day were veterans of wars past, soldiers of current conflicts, families dealing with present problems, past leaders bent low from the strain of public service, and the promise of something different. I can probably say with some certainty that this was probably the largest gathering on the Mall in Washington that my generation has ever seen and it was impressive.

As I listened throughout the day (on NPR of course) to people who were calling in to express their feelings about the day I was impressed with the number of people who remarked that the events of this day had helped them to realize how deep they had buried their patriotism over the past years. Conversely, hearing these people made me realize how refreshing it felt to finally hear someone say what needed to be said; that there are problems and with work--work meaning some service and sacrifice on our part--we can change the situation we currently find ourselves in. I think the majority of Americans have also felt as I have that finally, our human nature has been appealed to as apposed to our ideals of capitalism or our sense of entitlement. I am deeply encouraged by this vast positive response from people all across this country. I may not agree with all of the ideas of President Obama, but there probably isn't anyone else who's ideas I completely get behind either. However, unity is definitely something I can completely get behind, and if President Obama can obtain that for America--and I believe he just might--then I believe our future as country has the potential to be very bright.

For the next four years my prayers are with our new President, Barack Obama. I hope and pray that he will be able to deliver on his high ideals. He has my service and sacrifice at his disposal.