I've Crossed the Line

A few days ago I went to the grocery store. We were out of cream cheese so I bought a couple of tubs. We were out of cream cheese because during my time at home by myself these last few weeks I've managed to polish off a few bricks of the heavenly substance by myself. I'm a little reluctant to admit that most of the time I didn't even take the time to spread it on a cracker or bagel. I just ate the stuff straight. Now I love cream cheese, this is no news flash. However, in addition to the cream cheese I purchased some of this:

I love this stuff. As most of you know this is, by far, the best chocolate ice cream there is. As I walked home the only thing I could think about sinking my teeth into was the cream cheese. At that point I knew that I had crossed a threshold. I had chosen cream cheese over chocolate. I'm getting my blood checked next month and if my arteries aren't clogged the only limit to the cream cheese I will eat will be when my bank account runs dry.

Spring Inspection

Spring is on it's way. The snow is now only holding on in the shade of the trees on the North facing slopes. The temperature during the day is usually in the 40's and 50's. I love it. With spring comes dirt works and drainage projects. Here's the Blazer helping me do culvert inspection on the railroad. As often as I voice my disdain for the Blazer it's really growing on me as a back-country explorer, and this summer that top is coming off (just before it decides to rain, I'm sure).


Guess What it is!

While many of you are basking in the sun and budding greenery of spring I am not. The end of last week Ely received close to a foot of new, wet snow. Fortunately, snow this time of year usually doesn't stay around long. The snow pictured here is all but gone now and the next storm is already on the horizon.

Answer: It's a 1974 VW Super Beetle

Dedicated to Linda Bohn who loved puzzles, and who was a tireless supporter of whatever it was that her children or grandchildren were interested in.

On one occasion my cousin and I were driving Linda back home from Provo. I happened to be wearing my "extreme Volkswagen addict" T-shirt. Upon reading the shirt she remarked,"that's a bit of an understatement." Love you Grandma!