Not Waffles

   Inevitably, it happens. One day as you're merrily puttering around the shop you notices a small spot on the floor or as you're poking around under the hood you see a wet area. You lean in to determine what color the fluid is and the sweet smell of waffles and hot syrup hits you. The liquid is green.............*sigh* engine coolant. 

This is what I get for letting water cooled cars into my garage, nothing but a winter full of bad water pumps and an endless supply of leaks. The Blazer has blessed me with 3 leaks so far and one bad heater core. The wagon thanked me for it's recent oil change by letting its water pump crap out. I'm not sure what the GTI has in store but I'm sure it will have to do with the green stuff. My bugs never gave me this problem,......never.


Christmas Attack Zone!!!

I am happy to report that I survived my Christmas holiday. The weather was murderous with temperatures frequently dropping below freezing and snow that piled up in feet. Family came and went throughout Christmas and it was nice to see them all.

For New Years I went down to Logandale to be celebrate my grandpa's 80th birthday. It was great to get out of the snow. The New Years was rung in with all of the joy of having 21 family members in a 1500 sf house. Add to that all the neighbors and friends who came for the birthday party and you have the making of.........I'm not sure what.

For a quick respite from the crowd my uncle and cousin and I when down to the new Mike O'Callaghan-Pat Tillman Memorial Bridge.

If I only had something to drop off. I was really temped to throw the family of terriers off that some schmuck had brought on the bridge (in blatant disregard of the sign stating that no dogs should be brought on the bridge).Some how I managed to restrain myself.