When I feel rich

On a late summer evening, laying in the back yard

The last remnants of a passing storm gently rock my hammock

The mountain-like clouds of the eastward retreating storm reflect the last rays of the westward traveling Sun

The reflected light from the thunderhead falls calmly over my right shoulder and instead of turning to gaze at the towering storm clouds or the golden sunset I pick up my book

The distant thunder softly calls for my attention, but I don't listen

This is when I feel rich


I better vet this

I've succumbed!

When I arrived at BYU one of the first things I noticed was that at least 3/4 of the guys -and a number the girls- wore polo shirts. Case and point, this BYU Library commercial. (Just count them, I saw
10!) I thought it was ridiculous! I mean where did these people think they were going, an up-scale badminton garden party or -in the case of the striped variety- a rugby match? So with few exceptions I wore a t-shirt to class 'til the day I graduated.

However, I discovered (or re-discovered) something during an internship in California: apart from Old Navy commercial models nobody in the rest of world seems to wear polo shirts unless they are playing polo, going to an up-scale badminton garden party, or trying to look dressy casual at work (or fighting terrorism and leading the free world, apparently).

Trying to find what you wear to work when you are your own boss has had me perplexed for the last little while.

Am I sitting in the office? Yes.

Am I traipsing around dirty job sites? Yes.

Am I meeting with clients? Yes.

(Am I still stuck at a dentist office part of the day? Also yes.)

Due to the dirt and conditions, I really need to have a pair of jeans on. My button up shirts generally ended up looking pretty shabby by lunch with
all of the walking and dirt.

I still don't condone wearing a polo shirt just for fun, and that's my story and I'm sticking to it!


Something to Remember

Where was yours truly last Tuesday night?: try some great seats at the Paul McCartney concert in Utah! That's right, the Sir Paul McCartney. The weather was nice, the crowd was good, and it was all topped off with three great hours of non-stop Paul. The 68 year old played the whole three hours without a break or drink as near as I could tell, only pausing to tell some great stories and to make us laugh. It was a fantastic concert.

I was a little skeptical that Sir McCartney would just be old and that the concert wouldn't be very good, but I couldn't have been more wrong. What a performer! It was thrilling to be in the presence of this amazing musician.

Years from now I will be able to tell my children that I saw Paul McCartney live in concert.

This clip is from his Liverpool concert, but it was the same bit he did for us (best version I could find).