A Warning From the Other Side

The story of my life is that of the Government Cheese Wagon always being out of reach. As you may have guessed I have just filed my taxes and found out that I OWE MONEY! That's right,......I'll pause while all of you baby laden school nerds pick yourselves up off the floor because someday it will happen to you too.

The day I turned 24 I filled out my FAFSA and applied for grants. The terse reply came back that I made too much money to qualify for grants. Outraged, I marched down to the student aid office and was told that, yes indeed, I made too much at my part time job to qualify for aid. The counselor consoled me by saying that had I sat on my butt and taken out student loans to pay for school I could have the government picking up the tab and showering me with money. "FANTASTIC!", I thought, "we only help people who do nothing in this country." I eventually calmed down and was just happy that the government at least gave me my income tax back at the end of the year.

Now all that has changed. Not only is the government going to take around 18% out of every,... last,.... one of my paychecks and add just over 6% to the things I buy, they are going to hold out their had for more when I file my taxes. And I can look forward to paying more money in taxes the more I make. There's incentive for ya! This country cost too much to run.

Welcome to real life, Nathan.