Happy Nevada Day!

My poor attempt at Halloween decorations.


No Excuse

 We've had our first snow, Nevada Day (observed) has come and gone, and I've tossed no fewer than TWO scorpions out of my garage. It's been a busy coupe of months. As I'm looking at these pictures that I'm about to post I can see that the lens on my camera phone really needs to be cleaned. Oh well, you'll get the idea.

Here's the house I'm living in currently. No grass, no problem. The scorpions that seem to find their way into the garage as the weather gets colder ARE a problem. I don't seem to notice them until I'm standing right next to them. They like to hang around the door where I stand looking for the light switch. Not cool.


Here's the view out my living room window at our first snow storm of the season. All the snow that fell is gone and now we'll probably have decent weather until Christmas. Here's hoping anyway.

I've still been driving all over Nevada. Road construction season is pretty much over, but now ranchers are moving cattle so I've come across a couple of cow road blocks. The picture at the top of this post is of a sign that hangs int he Esmeralda County Courthouse (where I've been doing work recently).

All minor catastrophes aside, things are going great. More updates soon.