The Best Tasting Cow

My family buys a cow every year (it arrives in neatly wrapped packages). The cow comes from a friend's farm in southern Idaho. This year I decided to make a call to make sure we got the cow I imaged would taste the best. I wanted the cow that all the other cows wanted to be friends with. In my mind a confident cow would taste so much better than a socially inept cow. So I went about trying to transmit this sentiment to our friend. "Well, we always try to get your family the biggest cow", our friend said in a bewildered tone. Well, unless the fattest cow in barn was also the most popular cow (an unlikely scenario) then I wanted none of it. So I requested a picture. As you can tell, the one staring directly at the camera appears to be the most confident of the remaining three cows. Last year's cow (Patty) tasted alright, but I could tell she wasn't really a crowd pleaser. This year Beefcake the cow should taste delicious.


Weekend Nirvana

On a cold and snowy Saturday is there any better place to spend the day then in your garage working on cars and listening to Bob Dylan?

Absolutely not.


A Word on Holidays

That is it! I am done with holidays. The whole eating 'til you're sick, people sleeping all over the floor, traveling hours on end, etc,etc... finished. Why do we do it!?! If I never see a holiday again it will be too soon!
(tough luck MLK Day and Presidents' Weekend)

This tune is subject to change without prior notice...