Why can't they see.

All I really need is something to carry my crap (all of it, as I hate making trips) and tow my cantankerous fleet of aged German vehicles around. Sure, perhaps more sensible people would slap down a few thousand for a decade old urban assault vehicle, or even get rid of the armada of old cars and buy a Honda and down size the crap. I find my solution even more appealing (logically). I think a large station wagon from the mid 1960's would do nicely. I am envisioning something with sharp edges, you know, something a pedestrian could become impelled on if I were to back up too quickly. Of course, I think a vehicle with a prow on it would make driving amongst the common people (lemmings plunging into the street, morons on cell phones, and the overly aged) a lot easier. I need something that just by the mere act of looking at it will activate peoples' "fight or flight" instincts. So far, my dream has only met with very tepid enthusiasm if not obvious disgust. They will be sorry, they will all be sorry.