Happy Nevada Day!

Some fun Nevada facts:

Nevada is the most mountainous state in the Union.
Samuel Clemens started using the pseudonym "Mark Twain" while writing for a paper in Virgina City, Nevada.
Richard Nixon's wife Pat was born in White Pine County Nevada.
Nevada's official state flower is sagebrush.
Nevada was one of only two states to enter the union during the Civil War.
Nevada is the only state to celebrate the day it became a state annually.


The Unannounced Transvestite

One of the most recent projects I've been working on is getting a set of construction drawings completed for the restoration of a railway station in a town about 13 miles North of where I live.

My client had an architect that he wanted to use so a few months ago I began calling and e-mailing this architect. From our conversations I had imagined a smaller, very professional and intelligent man. The work I had seen was great and he seemed sympathetic to historical projects.

This week he came down with his office staff to meet face to face, walk the site, and hash out some details. He called when he reached my office so I left the other project I was working on and drove over. I went upstairs and as I reached the door to my office I noticed what appeared to be two women sitting at the table. One stood up and introduced himself and then his wife. Luckily I still had my sunglasses on so I hope some of my shocked expression was covered.

Come to find out he is not only a licensed architect, he is also a bar owner, caterer, and publicly practicing transvestite, all out of the same building.

Of course.