Southwest Extravaganza

Being faced with one week of paid vacation I decided to head South. The initial plan was much grander; however, shortly before the trip plans changed for the person who was going with me. I contemplated several other trip options but the siren song of the sunny South wouldn't relent so I went anyway. (and I wasn't disappointed)

Leg one: I dropped the wagon off at the mechanics in Salt Lake for him to fix some of the things that I had "fixed" myself. I then picked up a rental car and headed for Green River, UT. It was a cold drive and I found where all the Subaru owners hang out. I had no idea that this place actually existed.

After my night in Green River I was going to take the ferry across Lake Powell but it was closed until April. Consulting my road atlas I planned a route around the lake. It was a beautiful drive and then 100 miles from anything the pavement ended on top of a bluff.

There was a dirt road leading down the face of the bluff and it looked like the highway might continue at the bottom. Plus, I was in a rental car so I figured why not. This was about as wide as the road got. It was pretty narrow and really steep.

I made it on to the Grand Canyon National Park that day where I hiked around a bit and looked at..........stuff. (F.Y.I.- The Grand Canyon Skywalk is not in the park. It's on some indian reservation at the other end) Finally I made it to Phoenix. This one picture sums up why I want to be snowbird next winter.

The weather was warm. The grass was green. The flowers were in bloom and there was fruit on the trees. I spent the time sight seeing and visiting friends and family. 74 degrees feels amazing after a long, cold winter. I even went out and took the tour at Taliesin West in Scottsdale.

After Phoenix I headed back to Salt Lake to visit more friends and family and to pick up the wagon. All in all it was nice break. As with any good vacation I came back exhausted and only too happy to return to my normal routine.