Get a typewriter,.....nerd!

Okay, as I write this I am fully aware that someone (probably my grandma who is far more computer savy than myself) will scream foul and call me a caveman, but hear me out. Something has gotten lost in our new digital world, perhaps even a lot of things have been lost. In our world of instantly correct, delete, erase, and start over people have some how lost the notion that what the say, do, and/or step in has an affect on the world around them. Conversation has become flippant and senceless as we communicate through text messages to our BFF's instead of actually talking to them. We plug in our ipods and surround ourselves with music of our own choosing, refusing to listen to anything that we have not preselected. It is entirely possible to surround ourselves in a digital cocoon of our own construction; effectively blocking out our exposure to ,quite nearly, anything that may be new and/or different. You can even block out the birds and anything else as you walk to wherever it is you're going. Rachel Carson's "Silent Spring" is not going to brought about by pesticides (mostly thanks to the enviromental nut jobs) but by technology. Guys in particular, being able to run an exel spreadsheet is no substitue for being able to successfully run your own lawnmower or change a tire. The modern day "nerd" is not the new "do it yourself-er". I say quit insulating yourself from life. It takes time to learn to enjoy a good piece of music by Charles Mingus. Take a look (and listen) to what's going on around you. Get out the old typewriter and throw your correction tape to the four winds. Mistakes happen, and you need to start taken responsibility for the ones you make.


True Colours (because it looks fancy)

There was a time in my life were I was looking into buying a BMW. It was nothing new, but it was a BMW nonetheless. I eventually decided against buying the car because I had come to the conclusion that I just wasn't a "BMW Person". I'm sure you are well acquainted with the type of "person" to which I am referring. They wear pants whose purchase price was comprised of three digits, they wear knock-offs of expensive sunglasses (because they lose them all the time), their taste in food is dictated soly by the price, and they love to give rides to people (so people can be informed that they do drive a BMW without them having to inform them verbally). Having been a staunch Volkswagen supporter since at least the age 5, I decided that even though this car was wonderful (because I am an appreciative conessuire and not a self indulgent wiener) I would pass it up and stick to VW's. After 5 years of driving VW's another one of these particular models of BMW came up for sale in the area where I attend college. I made the mistake of taking a test drive and it called to me. In consequence of it's siren song, I decided that, pricks aside, I had to buy this car. I did and it was glorious. Not only was it breath taking, but it came equipped with a refrigerated martini cooler in the back seat. It was the epitome of German driving fun. It was also an ego inflating ride and it drove me to do things like buy more expensive pants, look to get married, and start offering rides to people. To make a long story short, the pants wore out quickly, the marriage idea didn't pan out, the people I gave rides to began to annoy me, and the car quit working (all at about the same time). So, I returned to my roots. I went to the small, one car garage downtown and I got out my trusty 1974 VW Bug, and I went to California for a few months. This past weekend the BMW (which still doesn't work) found a new owner and I have began my hunt for my second, second car (most definitely a VW,....or a station wagon). You see, even though I decided that a BMW is just not for me until I can hid it in a garage and make it a dirty little secret, I decided that I thoroughly enjoyed having a collection of cars (a dream that I have harbored since I was......5 years old). My pants now cost no more than $20.00, I don't give rides, and marriage will come as it sees fit. I happy ending by all accounts.