What's this for? (Blazer Report #3)

All the major parts are back, and this coming week re-assembly of the block should begin. The heads are still with Wally, and a few of the parts I need have not appeared yet. However, I think I can still see the beginning of the end of this project. As I have found out I might not have marked my bags of bolts as well as I thought I had. Wally told me to just put all the parts in a box and shake it until it is all put together. It might be my best bet at this point.

Now, I have known Wally for a long time and he has always given me good work at a more than fair price, but he has yet to tell me what it's going to cost me for all the work he's done on my engine block and heads. On top of this project I have been doing the regular things on my other cars. Currently, I'm in the middle of a brake and A/C project on the wagon along with an oil, filter, and valve adjustment job on the ever faithful bug (not to mention registration and insurance premiums). With the parts boxes arriving daily and the impending bill on the Blazer my dreams seem to be frequented more and more by this guy.

Wish me luck....