How the Max stole Thanksgiving

Alright, now before everyone goes rushing to point out that this is actually a UCLA vs BYU game picture let me me assure you that I know. It is against my morals to post anything having to do with the U of U on my blog, and the picture fit.

Twas the weekend before Thanksgiving and all through The Valley BYU fans were holding their breath. Of those fans that were holding their breath for a BYU win over Utah most probably chose to voluntarily quit breathing and die at the half out of shear disgust.

"How did a it come to this after such a good start to our season?" some of you may be asking. It's simple really, it can all be attributed to the mormon factor. Mormons are notorious for doing one of three things when required to preform:
1. They show up late.
2. They don't show up at all.
3. The show up early so they can
leave early.

The Courgars chose option three this year. It really isn't taught in sunday school that enduring to the end means showing up on time too.

After throwing five interceptions during the Utah game, Max Hall is about to learn what BYU are really like. Oh yes, these good Christian people are usually just one bad throw from turning and rending you (yes, like swine). I feel we've really given the team quite a bit of slack this year on account of their outstanding wins early in the season. BYU fans can almost forgive anything if the team will hand us win over Utah. However, Max has made the one fatal mistake, a really sucky game against Utah. For many this Thanksgiving the turkey will taste dry no matter how good it really is, and that is how the Max stole Thanksgiving.