16 Miles..... in 3 hours

For the past month or so we've been constructing a flood control project in the Lincoln County city of Caliente. Over the past few days the remnants of hurricane Norbert have been dumping copious amounts of rain on us here out west. Very fortunately for us the storms didn't dump much rain on our project in Caliente. However, trying to get home from the project correlation meeting proved to be quite tedious as all North and Southbound traffic from the I15 had been detoured down US93, a winding two lane road.
I haven't ever seen so many semi trucks on a two lane road. As the title states it took me the better part of 3 hours to traverse the 16 miles from Caliente to Y Junction. I'll still take that over a flash flood washing through our construction site. The detour was due to extreme flooding washing out large chunks of I15 as well as boulders and debris being washed onto the roadway. Union Pacific's tracks must have also met with flooding as a good number of trains were backed up in the yard in Caliente. Never a dull moment!


Fall Sports

School has started and nights are getting cooler (and by extension some of the days are cooler too). Some of the first high school home games were this weekend. My youngest brother has left the football team for the futebol (soccer) team. The midday games down in a county park are much more enjoyable than the JV football games sitting on hard, aluminum bleachers. Out of my duty as a Bobcat alumnus I still attend the varsity football games. The one this weekend against Battle Mountain was pretty sad. We did win our first game (away) of the season which is more than we won last year. We'll see how the season goes. I still enjoy watching the soccer games more. On the BYU front, Max Hall is a cocain user and a shoplifter (are we really surprised), and we won against the Longhorns last night. Love the Fall.