Really Max?
Is it really so hard just to let us all be? You win the game, redeeming yourself from last year's embarrassment. For a moment it looks like Thanksgiving will be saved and then you go and crap in your hands and smear it everywhere,..........again!

Max, can you honestly think that you are the only person who has ever had their family insulted? Furthermore, can you possible think that your family members are the only BYU fans who have ever had to put up with mouthy Utes at a game? I'm sure to have your family treated that way must be aggravating but GROW UP! and quit dragging us all through the mud with you. Get some moral fiber, and while your at it tell you friend Jorgensen to grow up too.

almost would have rather lost than had to deal with the kind of publicity that you seem to attract. As far as I'm concerned you are the Harry Reid of the Cougar football team.

In the words of Eunice Burns,"Don't you know the meaning of propriety?!"



As I'm on the verge of receiving my second paycheck (that's right, second), I thought I might as well let you all in on the bad news. I've come out of retirement. No more mid afternoon naps, mowing the lawn in the middle of the day, and shop time has been relegated to evenings and weekends.

I decided that as long as I was coming out of retirement I was going to go all the way. Instead of just getting one job I got three.

First: I got a job at the Nevada Northern Railway. This is a tourist railroad that runs steam trains. The rail yard and rolling stock is a national historic landmark. The entire complex was built during the very early part of the 20th century, and has remained virtually unchanged since that time. Any building that need saving or infrastructure that needs replacing becomes my project. The pay is very low (mostly nothing), but it's a pretty fun job. Come out some time. I'll try to get you a train ride. Just come and talk with the Project Manager.

Second: I'm the front office manager at a Dental Office. This is the job that pays the bills. The other office employees are fun to work with and the work schedule is fairly flexible.

Some pearls of joy from the dental office:

"Ely Family Dental, this is Nathan, how can I help you?"
"No, Nathan."
"Well David I need to ask some questions about..."

A little while later, LTD...

"Ely Family Dental, this is Nathan, how can I help you?"
"Nathan, I was talking with David. Is he there?"
"No, he has stepped out?"
"Well, David told me that..."
"David is new and was mistaken, that isn't the case."
"Well, I'll call back when David is in."

The fun really never ends between the Medicaid patients and the kids who have never brushed or flossed (see the case of the 12 year old with the $14,000+ treatment plan).

On occasion I help with some projects for a small engineering firm that a friend of mine runs. Helping usually entails holding the surveying rod or talking him into buying new equipment. He is also the Ely city engineer so I deal with him quite a bit on projects for the railroad. This job is mostly fun and pays for some car parts.

Currently, the plan is to work here for three years so that I can save up to return to grad school, but I've seen how plans tend to go. Only time will tell.