Hawaii and Everywhere Else

Where to start. My last post was about the morning I was leaving for the Aloha State and I haven't said anything since. So to make a long story short Hawaii is great. I thought it would be dumb and touristy, but I had a real great time. I ate a lot of good food, saw a lot of great stuff, and got really sunburned. There are loose chickens everywhere, the beaches are beautiful, and the weather is perfect.

Hula Pie at Duke's on Waikiki

Me on Waikiki

Live filming of Hawaii 5-0 (I was suppose to be touring the supreme court of the state of Hawaii, but the court guards wanted to watch the filming.)

Hanging out with family at the Polynesian Cultural Center. (you know cause we're Tongans)

Laie Hawaii Temple (I took this picture. Yeah, I'm that good)

(you may not be able to tell from this picture, but my stomach is the color of a Ferrari)

Some Beach we went to (Waimea)
Really, go to Hawaii. It's great.

In other news: The Jetta got sold to an old WWII vet from Ogden. 

This is the Jetta on it's last day. That makes three cars sold this year alone!

The Quantum had a its clutch hydraulics fail last month so it went to Salt Lake where I paid an insane amount for repairs on a 26 year old car. Somebody get me shrink!

 I don't know if anyone remembers this car:

It is currently in Blackfoot Idaho being rehabilitated after spending 30 years in an airport hangar in Kentucky. I flew up to Idaho with the owner a couple of weeks ago in this:

The car looks mostly the same, but they've been working on the engine which now looks like this:

To occupy myself in the mean time, I've taken on the recommissioning and sale of one of these:

This project will henceforth be known as "The Anti-Chrysler". I will probably be taking this one to a live auction which will be fun. 

I am also days away from closing on a house that looks a lot like this:

Yes, I know. It is stop sign adjacent. Pretty impressive. However, I may not be living there. I may be renting it out. (pink houses rent for a mint). Stay tuned for further developments.