No School, No Job,....No Problem!

If you haven't picked from the title, I've entered extended, post graduation, single, twenty-something vacation limbo. (see Jamie Cullum for further explanation) When it initially looked like I was going to be graduating with no immediate job prospects I was rather concerned. However, it slowly began to dawn on me that I had actually been given a nice break. How many people actually have to go rushing off to a 40 year career as soon as they graduate? Not me! Luckily I hadn't taken out tens of thousands in student loans to pay for a bachelors degree in English (no offense to the English Majors). I'm pretty sure something will come along sometime in the next.........well whenever Obama gets around to sending my check. Things have gotten quiet in happy valley with the exodus of all my friends who graduated. In the mean time I'm still putting in some time at my part time job, applying for real jobs, and working on the the ever needy fleet of aged German cars (and loving every minute of it). I definitely want to make the most of my pre-career vacation. The well traveled road has ended and now it's time to start making my own.