"That's a nice tiger,...he looks proud."

This month's meeting of the WVVW Club (Wasatch Vintage Volkswagen) was a little sparse, but well attended considering it had snowed 4-6 in. and the temperature was hovering somewhere around 20 degrees. I think there was a total of 6 cars. The owner of that recently, perfectly restored '64 double cab (a.k.a. the white truck) braved the moisture and salt to show off his new toy. I actually won $5.00 because of the snow that day. I pulled my car into a particularly snow clogged parking spot. When I got out the kid who pulled in next to me told me that I didn't have a snowball's chance in hell of getting back out of that spot. I thanked him but I replied that I wasn't going to have any trouble getting out. He bet me $5.00 and I took him up on it. I then collected my $5.00 and told him that they use VW bugs in Antarctica. You just can't beat a VW bug. I haven't been in the club for too long, but I've been going to their monthly meetings off and on since 2002. It's always nice to get together once in awhile with some people who have a similar complex as you. After all, isn't that what clubs are all about.


Returning behind the Zion Curtian

Two days down...... After a very short break I am happy to report that I am back at school. I hadn't really signed up for my classes until yesterday, but my class schedule has worked out beautifully. I was even able to get away with a pretty cheap text book bill thanks to some creative text book borrowing and some willing friends. The semester looks like it is going to turn out pretty good. As for my vacation: I spent most of it on the road; some of it Mesa, AZ; some more of it in Logandale, NV; and the remainder of it at home. The nicest thing about Arizona were the sunny 60 degree days. All of the vacation was spent with lots of family, I even got to talk with my brother who is on a mission in southern Florida. I also attended a homecoming, a wedding (with all of the reception and whatnots), and a birthday. It has almost been nice to get back to my relatively quiet apartment in happy valley. The VW continues to run well and work about the same.