You Can Drive?

I was picking up one of my friend's sick kids from school because they were busy. I pass this kid walking to the bus stop as I walk to work most mornings. As she walked up to me so that I could take her home she looked at me a little incredulously and asked,"You know how to drive?" I just shrugged my shoulders and said,"I guess we'll find out." It never occurred to me that she only ever saw me walking.

This isn't the first time that I've had someone concerned over my walking. I've had ward members offer me cars for cheap and people stop and ask me if I need a ride. I find it funny that people can't believe that someone has a car (or three) and chooses to walk anyway.

I wish I had some altruistic reason for walking like saving the planet or becoming healthy, but the truth is that I just hate driving to run errands or for commuting. It just isn't fun.

My work is only a 12 minute walk away and it keeps me from having to scrape windows or agonized that in the 2 minute drive to work the engine oil never got up to temperature. Whatever fringe benefits I get are just icing on the cake.