Why I Like Quails Above Other Fowl

Birds.......what obnoxious things they are. As far as I'm concerned they are no better than large bugs. Birds make noise, they fly around, and they crap on my car. The last on the preceding list of offenses is probably the most aggravating. Now I do get a certain amount of joy in watching birds do what they do, just as I enjoy watching an insect do whatever it does. It's more of a curiosity really. However, in general, birds annoy me. Now why can't birds take a lesson from their relative the quail. Quail are generally quiet, and are obsessed with try to keep out of sight. Most importantly, a quail has never defecated on my car. I'm seriously, what other beast in this world goes around dive bombing with their excrement. It's absurd! Yes, indeed. All birds should be more like quail.