All I Need

What I've always needed is a garage; somewhere to put my cars and unpack my tools; somewhere I can turn on NPR while I let my hands marinate in dirty engine oil. Obviously, this need has become much more acute since my retirement.

Well, that dream has finally come to fruition. It's a nearly 20'x40' building located a few blocks from the house. Infact, this garage used to be owned by a retired diesel mechanic that helped me with my cars when I was younger. I've spent the last week cleaning it out and arranging my stuff. My new garage can easily hold four cars or comfortably hold three, but currently I only have two cars housed in it.

One of my favorite features, apart from the automatic garage door, is the work bench. The work bench is accessorized with an overhead light, a set of drawers and a peg board for hanging tools on. It still needs a vise and a chair to finish it off.

To round out my publicly uninteresting piece on my new man cave, here is a small excerpt from the champion of the shed, James May.

...all the best things in the world came out of sheds: the aeroplane, television, radio, the power loom, home-brew, blasphemy, potted hyacinths, the machine gun and, if we stretch the definition a bit further, Jesus... I've often thought that there is something about the ambiance of a shed - the way it liberates its occupant from the stifling conventions concerning decoration, function and acceptable behavior that apply to the rest of the house - that stimulates inventiveness.

James May - Telegraph, Feb. 2008

Expect great things.