Happening Things

As a follow up to the last post, the fine fall weather has turned into a warm and sub-par winter. While I cannot and will not complain about enjoying balmy 50+ degree sunny weather in January it certainly won't bode well for us this summer if winter decides not to show up. At any rate I LOVE not having to shovel snow around.

Christmas was spent with what seemed like 500 little girls under the age of 4, but it was just 3 of my nieces. We had a good time despite the screaming, crying, shrieking, pooping, etc..... My sisters, who are great mothers, had provided a magical Christmas morning for their girls with all the presents and magic that motherly love can provide. However all of that candy, late nights, and company means that by Christmas morning the sensory overload is just too much and there are a lot of tears.

But we all at least had fun laughing about it.

After surviving Christmas and even a family photo session we went home and had a boring (quiet) New Years.

 In other news:

Cats live at work and I'm trying to deal with that.

I got to go the Scottsdale Car Auctions again this year, but this time I got to go as part of work! Pretty crazy. I had to go down for the paving company to help with some equipment purchase, and I had to go for the railroad to meet with some restorers for this project:

I know! A station wagon! Isn't it great! The railroad had one of these in the '50's and now we are having one restored. This is definitely one of my favorite projects. 

As I may have mentioned on here, my rental house's basement and garage is filled with A LOT of old encyclopedias. With the nice weather I decided to clear some of these out, but it meant making trips to the dump like this.

Honestly, I felt like a Nazi book burner, but who needs an out-of-date set of encyclopedias let alone 30 sets of them. What do you do?

To wrap things up (a list of odd details): This week I graduated from the YSA branch and we'll be returning to the family ward this Sunday. On the insistence of my cousin who teaches culinary arts we started a food blog. www.halfcupofsnark.com   A website for restaurant and recipe reviews. Read at your own risk and be kind. I was also asked to run for election for mayor for the City of Ely, but thought better of it. I began my service as a member of the White Pine TV District board of directors. I'm looking forward to driving the sno-cat. Due to the progressing calendar I had to renew my drivers license this week and had to change my listed height from 5'10" to 5' 8", a very rude awakening I was made to have during a doctors visit last year. At 16, when I got my license, I figured I was an average height and felt 5'10" was an average height. I honestly don't ever remember having my height measured until the recent doctors office visit when I was informed I was over-reaching on my estimate. I sold the Blazer and Ginger the Wincher now lives out in rural White Pine County serving snow plow duty (that is if we ever get any). I hope your 2015 is going great!