A Fine Fall

Usually, by this time of year we are engulfed in fairly persistent clouds, snow, and uncomfortably cold weather. This year the weather has remained sunny, tolerably warm for the most part, and dry with the exception of a few errant storms. The nice weather has allowed us to keep a lot of projects running down at the railroad and the paving company long past when we usually do. I've also been able to finish painting the outside of the house (at least the sides you can see!)
I'm not sure if this picture does the color justice, but it is..... fantastic. The more I look at it the more I like it. With the new windows and the painted casements I think it looks great! I may even get more of the back painted if the weather holds. The house is progressing. I've got insulation going in next week, and most of the electrical boxes are installed and ready for wiring. As things come together I'm glad the house isn't any bigger than it is.

Some of you may have noticed that there was no Nevada Day post this year. Never fear! It was only due to the fact that I was much too busy throwing a 150th Nevada Day party.
Yes, it's true. The Great State of Nevada turned 150 years old this year. Sorry, there are no pictures of the party, but we did have a good time. There were games, Nevada shaped cookies, prizes, etc... Celebrations were had across the state.
Some were a little weirder than others


So Long, Click.

I began listening to CarTalk when the NPR station from Southern Nevada put a repeater in the rural county where I live. It was about the time I started high school. I was usually at the bike shop where I worked on Saturday mornings and I would listen to the show while I adjusted derailleurs and fixed flat tires. I enjoyed the technical talk, no doubt, but listening to two guys laughing hysterically and just thoroughly enjoying themselves was a great way to start a Saturday. It made me feel good even if I was at work. Seeing the outpouring over Tom's death, it's apparent I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Tom and Ray haven't been broadcasting any new shows for a couple of years now, but I still find myself tuning in for the reruns on Saturday morning. 

Godspeed, Tom.